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Forum Rules

Post by Tetsuya2 on Fri Nov 06, 2015 1:06 pm

Incredible Tracer Murder's Forum Rules
NOTE: This is forum rules not in-game rules

1. Do not spam replies and topics, this applies to all forms of it

2. Use english language only.

3. Do not post inappropriate content or provide links such as; viruses, pornography, screamers, graphic/violent imagery, nor use them on your forum profile photo/signature.

4. Do not create multiple accounts.

5. Advertisements of political parties, non-server stuff, other SA:MP or non-SA:MP communities/servers is not allowed. This also applies to pay per click links, surveys and other money income generating methods.

6. Trolling is not allowed, this applies to all forms of it.Trolls are generally deceitful and often use ambivalence as a method of covertly insulting, intimidating, or inciting a person or persons for their own sadistic pleasure.

7. Harassing, insulting, or provoking forum members is not allowed.

8. We do not allow discussion about any sort of; sexual themes, racism, sexism, piracy.

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