ITM Board Moderator Application

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ITM Board Moderator Application

Post by Tetsuya2 on Fri Nov 06, 2015 1:57 pm

ITM B.Moderator Application
No one is allow to vote

App Requirements

- 8/10 English skills

- 5Post

- 100 PlayTime score

- You can only posy 1 (one) time b.modertor application.

NOTE: If you dind't meet the requirements your application will be Denied.

Application Format

- Account ID:

- How long your in the group?:

- PlayTime score:

- English skill:

- Country:

- Motivation:

[D] - Denied: After 10days no reply's of Administrators (Admins: Zeeshan_Ali, KingBobKilled) that means your application is Denied.

[A] - Accepted: If you recive a reply of Administrators that means its Accepted.

[b] NOTE: Only members can apply.

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