ITM G-Unban Request

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ITM G-Unban Request

Post by Tetsuya2 on Fri Nov 06, 2015 10:41 am

ITM Unban Rquest

You can only make 1 app. If you got denied apply again after 1weeks.

Application Format

- In-Game Name:
- Account ID:
- Motivation

This is the list of ungrateful individuals (Group hoppers) who have been given countless chances and been invited to the group, but irrespective of that, they have shamelessly left the group. These individuals are no longer welcome to join the group and their applications will be denied automatically. Legend says, these individuals change their groups more often than they change their underwears. This list also includes the individuals who have been kicked for their vast and boundaryless amount idiocy.

Gung. (ACC ID:2290226)
Pedrosa._.26 (ACC ID:2324520)
.VeNoM._.69 (ACC ID:1993576)

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